Friday, 21 June 2013

OpenSXCE2013.05 for SPARC EA beta OS has been released

OpenSXCE2013.05 for SPARC EA was just RELEASED as beta OS. 

Points of interest

- Live DVD, Text, USB, and virtual HD versions
- Fully modernized PCI/USB device driver hardware data support for SPARC platform
- Dtrace support
- QEMU/KVM 1.5.0 support
- LDOM server virtualization and partitioning technology support
- full 2D hardware acceleration for all legacy GPUs
- Mesa 9.1.3 OpenGL-based 3D API graphics software support (experimental, WIP)

GNOME 2.28.2 and IceWM 1.3.7 are provided along with:
VIM 7.3, Samba 3.6.15, Firefox 21, Thunderbird 17.0.6esr, GIMP, Pidgin, Rhythmbox and Glade 3. 

For office productivity, Apache OpenOffice 3.4.1 is included.

Test it and give feedback
Details and developer blogs see

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