Thursday, 31 October 2013

Updating Mozilla Firefox on OiOS

Updating Mozilla Firefox on OiOS

New users to OiOS often sight difficulty in updating packages on OiOS outside IPS repositories.The below is designed to help with a simple unauthordox technique to undate firefox.Please note that this technique carries no warranty whatsoever you do so at your own risk.To get started down load the latest stable build of Firerfox at

Download Firefox to the desktop and extract it to this location.Now go to Places-File system-user-share and find the installed firefox version.Once you have located this right click on this file and open it as administrator by entering your password.You will now see the contents of this file as superuser leave this displayed.

Go back to the new package and do the same to this package from the desktop.High light-copy-and drag the new files into the file system file.Now restart the system. Select Firefox and confirm that the package has been updated.Trouble shooting make sure you have downloaded the correct file,make sure the file in the system is the correct disination.If there is a delay in updating you may try executing the updater files.If every thing goes wrong go to the IPS, remove everything and start again.

This technique is to get the new user started. Personally I have used this technique to update other packages Thunderbird,Eclipse etc.Remember you do this at your own risk but it works for me.Further reading and

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